How to Clean and Care for Your Compression

Now that you have your compression socks or garments, you will want to make sure that you are taking proper care of them. Compression is made with delicate fibers that require special care and cleaning techniques. If they are not cared for properly, they can wear out quicker, stretch, and lose their proper graduated compression benefits. Properly cleaning and caring for your compression will help them last longer and work effectively. 

Before washing or wearing, make sure to read the package instructions. Every compression sock or garment is different and can have different washing and care instructions. Make sure you are following the instructions on the package for each specific pair. Some compression can be washed in the machine, while more delicate pairs should be hand washed. Always use a mild detergent free of bleach, chlorine, and dyes. Do not use fabric softener on your compression socks. Fabric softeners can form an invisible film where bacteria can grow. If your socks or garments are safe for machine wash, you can also use a laundry bag to help protect them while in the washing machine. 

Some compression socks will need to be hand washed. However, you can always hand wash all of your compression to be more gentle and better protect the fibers. This will help them last longer and work better. 

The below instructions are great general guidelines and practices for cleaning and caring for your compression.

How to Clean Compression


  1. Fill a sink with warm water
  2. Pour your mild detergent in and agitate the water to properly mix in the detergent. 
  3. Add your compression into the sink and soak it in the warm, soapy water.
  4. Gently rub your compression with your fingers and hands to clean. Aggressively rubbing or stretching the garments can ruin the fibers or damage the elastic
  5. Once they are washed, drain the water and gently rinse your compression in clean, warm water. Gently squeeze them to remove any excess water without stretching them.
  6. Place your compression on a drying rack or hang dry using a hanger to let them air dry.

 Once they are fully dry, they are ready to be worn!