Compression Socks for Big Feet

Traditionally, medical compression socks are sized by your leg measurements - using the ankle, calf and thigh circumferences. This guarantees you're getting the correct amount of compression on your leg. But, it doesn't guarantee that the foot of the sock will fit your foot! While the foot portion of compression socks can stretch to fit most foot sizes, if you have a long foot and a corresponding big shoe size, the foot portion can get tight and uncomfortable.

Luckily - a few brands have come out with extended foot sizes for those of us with large feet.

Best Compression Socks for Men with Big Feet

Sigvaris Microfiber Line - These knee high socks can fit shoe sizes of 12.5 to 17.5 in the MX, LX and XX sizes. These are the biggest compression socks available for men. They have a classic ribbed pattern and are made with super breathable microfiber for ultimate comfort.

Medi for Men Select - These knee high socks can accommodate a shoe size up to 14. These socks have a modern honeycomb stitch and are also available with a wide calf.

Jobst forMen - In this line of socks, the Tall size is designed with an extended foot for men with a shoe size greater than 12. Look for sizes Medium Tall and Large Tall.

Best Compression Socks for Women with Big Feet

For our ladies with shoe sizes 11 and up, we recommend trying a compression sock designed for men or a unisex sock. The foot portions of these socks have a more generous foot portion than the traditional socks cut for women. Here are a few of our favorites to consider:

Therafirm Core-Spun - This is a unisex sock that has a long foot. They are super soft and easy to get on, so it's a win on all accounts!

Medi for Men - These socks come in a ribbed pattern or the modern honeycomb texture. You can find reviews from happy female customers on these, like from Marion: "Works better for me since I have long feet."

Actifi Cotton Comfort Socks - These cotton blend socks have a long foot and a wide toe box to give your feet and toes freedom! Plus, the cotton blend will keep you cool and make sensitive skin happy. Available in 15-20 and 20-30 mmHg

Best Compression Socks for Men with WIDE Feet

If you have a wide foot, but not a long one, finding a well-fitted sock can also be a struggle. Here are a few of our favorite for customers with widths of 2E, 4E or 6E:

Jobst forMen Casual - Fan favorite for wide feet! These wide socks have a business sock look, but would be perfect for every day. The expansive foot portion is great for wide, but not necessarily long feet.

Sigvaris Cushioned Cotton - One of our faithful customers with EEE width feet tried and tested three different brands and decided these were his favorites for comfort and fit! A classic ribbed sock, the foot of this sock provides extra cushion making it great for long walks or exercise.

Jobst Sensifoot - If you're after a light compression sock - these are a great option. In 8-15 mmHg, we have customers who love the generously wide foot, seamless toe and super soft construction.


What have you tried and loved? Tell us in the comments!

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