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I have purchased my socks from this company for many years. Early on I needed assistance with size and need to return wrong fit. NOT A PROBLEM at. This is refreshing to fine a site that is really there to help us! You guys are wonderful
Cella M


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About Jobst: Jobst is a division of BSN Medical and has been the #1 physician recommended manufacturer of medical compression legwear, support stockings and compression hose for years. For women, they offer, in their Medical LegWear and SupportWear lines, the Jobst Opaque, UltraSheer, CasualWear, ActiveWear, Casual, SensiFoot diabetic socks, Relief, Trouser and Pattern Trouser lines. For men, they offer, in their Medical LegWear and SupportWear line, the Jobst for men, men's dress, ActiveWear athletic socks, Relief, and Sensifoot diabetic sock lines.

About Sigvaris: SIGVARIS is a global leader in high-quality graduated compression garments that are medically effective and very fashionable. SIGVARIS offers a wide range of product lines designed for everyone. The SIGVARIS MEDICAL collection features the 780 EverSheer and the 840 Soft Opaque designed for today's fashionable women, products for men and women are available in the 230 Cotton and 360 Cushioned Cotton series featuring a unique cotton blend for superior comfort; the 860 Select Comfort series, the 602 Diabetic Compression Sock, and the Access value line seriesSIGVARIS 500 Series offers advanced compression and is ideal for patients with more serious indications or long-term therapy needs. SIGVARIS WELL BEING lines offer a complete assortment of 15-20mmHg products to provide long-term prevention and improved leg health. Finally, SIGVARIS SPORTS products are designed to enhance athletic performance and recovery with the Performance Socks and Sleeves, and the new Merino Outdoor Wool Socks.

About Medi-USA: Their division of Mediven compression stockings are of the highest quality. Mediven strives to constantly produce the highest quality line of support hose. For women, they feature the Mediven Elegance, Assure, Forte, Plus and the all new line of Sheer & Soft compression stockings. For men, they feature the Mediven Active, Patriot, Assure, Plus and Forte support socks. You will certainly be pleased with your purchase of Mediven support hose.

About Juzo: Juzo, as the leader in the lymphedema market, has been providing some of the best arm sleeves and gauntlets around. Their dedication to compression therapy is evident with their line of support hose for men and women. For women, they feature the Juzo Hostess, Attractive, Attractive OTC, Soft 2000, Varin, Soft Striped, Soft Diamond, Silver Soft, as well as their Silver Sole diabetic socks. For men, they feature the cotton ribbed, the new Soft Ribbed, Varin, Silver Soft, Soft 2000 and Silver Sole diabetic socks. Juzo compression stockings are among the best. Quality and durability are evident in each pair of support socks and stockings they offer.
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