Solidea Advanced Micro Massage Compression Gauntlet


20-30 mmHg

SKU: 0429A5-S/CA

This Solidea gauntlet provides 25/32 mmHg graduated compression to create a soft imprint on  your skin. Through natural body movement, this  imprint activates a gentle massage. See the waves, see the results. Features include:


  • Advanced Micro Massage 3D wave knit fabric, which expands and contracts on the skin
  • A friction reducing weave between the thumb and index finger, unparalleled for effectiveness, comfort and ease of donning
  • Breathable fabric is embedded with silver ions to reduce bacteria and odor
  • Can be worn on the right or left hand and to the knuckle or extended half-way up the fingers
  • Soft compression free cuff enables pairing with any of Solidea's arm sleeves
  • Most effective when worn during physical activity
  • Made in Italy


Brand: Solidea
Compression: 25-32 mmHg
Style: Gauntlet
Fabric Content: 80% Nylon; 20% Lycra