Sigvaris Secure Women's 20-30 mmHg Thigh High


20-30 mmHg
SKU: 552NM1W77

Sigvaris Secure women's 20-30 mmHg thigh high stockings offer compression and comfort for all-day wear. The silicone beaded grip-top helps keep the stockings up all day long. These 20-30 mmHg thigh high compression stockings are great for wound care, lymphedema and managing advanced venous edema.


    • Heavily, fatigued, aching legs
    • Mild edema in lower limbs
    • Mild varicose veins with minimal edema
    • Mild varicose veins during pregnancy
    • Post procedure of small veins
    • Prevention or management of DVT

    Brand: Sigvaris
    Compression: 20-30 mmHg
    Style: Women's Closed Toe Thigh High
    Series: Secure
    Fabric: 76% Nylon, 24% Spandex