FLA Safe-T-Sport® Neoprene Hinged Knee Stabilizing Brace

FLA Orthopedics


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This stabilizing brace allows for full flexion while protecting injured medial and lateral structures such as the MCL, PCL, medial meniscus and lateral meniscus via medial/lateral steel reinforcements. This stabilization prevents further stress which helps promote healing. Patellar malalignment is controlled by a superior horseshoe. The hinges also protect the ACL and PCL by preventing hyperextension.


  • Four way stretch for proper fit and comfort
  • Sports neoprene for therapeutic warmth
  • Superior horseshoe support
  • Metal medial/lateral hinges in neoprene covered pockets
  • Adjustable support straps
  • Easy slip-on style Ideal for knee ligament tears, sprains and chronic knee instability problems.
  • Complete wearing and care instructions are included.

CONDITIONS/INDICATIONS: Patellar Subluxation & Tracking Disorder, Hyperextension, ACL, MCL, PCL and Meniscus Tears.

SUPPORT LEVEL: MODERATE – For mild to moderate conditions that require some stabilization of the affected area. For use during recovery.