FLA Safe-T-Sport® EZ-ON® Wrap-Around Ankle Support

FLA Orthopedics



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Sports neoprene is an ideal material because it provides consistent compression and four-way stretch for proper fit and comfort. Neoprene retains the body’s natural heat to provide therapeutic and soothing warmth to the swollen, tender or injured joint. Tri-Permalon top is comfortable against the skin and allows air to circulate for extended wear. The double elastic strap offers adjustable compression to both the medial and lateral sides of the ankle and arch of the foot.

The wide strap simulates taping and wraps in a figure eight design with a simple hook closure. Great for night time wear to treat ankle injuries and control edema due to sprains and strains.

Supports and Stabilizes the ankle while allowing for full flexibility. Made with Sports Neoprene and Tri-Permalon. The foot and ankle portion is made of neoprene which provides therapeutic warmth and compression to the joint and soft tissues. The top portion is made of a breathable Tri-Permalon foam to let the heat dissipate and air circulate. Wide, Double Elastic Strap wraps around the joint for increased stability. Figure-eight strap design simulates taping of the ankle and provides arch support. Simple Hook Closure allows for quick and easy application.


  • Wrap-around, figure-eight elastic strap for increased stability
  • Sports neoprene for therapeutic warmth
  • Simple closure for easy application

CONDITIONS/INDICATIONS: Swollen, tender, or weak ankles, sprains, strains, sports injuries and arthritis. 

SUPPORT LEVEL: MILD – For weak or aching muscles or joints. For use after recovery or as prevention.