CEP Compression Women's Achilles Support Short Socks



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These unique socks combine the benefits of short compression socks with Achilles support to help prevent and relieve injury and pain. They are designed to protect your Achilles from further injury by adding stability where you need it most. Made with soft, breathable fibers that also wick away moisture and reduce odor causing bacteria to keep your feet cool, dry and clean. 


  • SMART SILICONE pads massage deep tissue to increase micro-circulation for a faster recovery
  • Integrated pads provide added stability to the Achilles to reduce further injury
  • Short Sock design with targeted medi compression that reduces swelling and bruising
  • High-tech synthetic fibers provide moisture wicking properties and reduce odor-causing bacteria
  • Soft, breathable fibers and seamless toe construction mold to the feet like a second skin
  • All in one sock and Achilles support

CONDITIONS/INDICATIONS: Achilles Tendonitis, Achilles pain and swelling, Irritation of the Achilles Tendon

SUPPORT LEVEL: MILD – Sleeves and supports designed to deliver general purpose protection and support

MATERIAL:  87 % polyamide, 13 % spandex