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I originally ordered two pair of the Jobst Active wear Athletic Knee Highs and a pair of the Juzo Ribbed Knee Highs at the beginning of December. They were processed quickly and shipped out via USPS to me. They apparently made it to the Houston Post Office Northern routing facility on December 4, 2007 and were shipped to the proper distributing Post Office. That was the last that was ever heard about them. On December 21st icalled and spo...
Douglas B
(Houston, Texas)


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McDavid Is Latest Addition to Aleva Stores continues its growth as Aleva Stores adds McDavid to its inventory.

McDavid’s roots trace back to 1969 when Dr. Robert F. McDavid designed and developed what was to become the first widely used lateral protective knee brace in football.

Now, McDavid is the most widely used and recommended brand of braces among sports medical professionals and the industry leader in sports medical products, technical performance athletic wear and consumer merchandising.

The latest innovation to come out of McDavid is its HexPad Technology, which changes the way athletes wear under clothing by fusing padding to the performance fabrics and defining an entire new category – Protective Apparel.

Their goal remains to develop innovative products and technologies to help prevent injury and to enhance performance of athletes and active people of all ages, which fits in perfectly with what Aleva Stores is trying to do with

Aleva Stores Adds CompresSport to Its Online Stores

As the athletic compression takeover continues, Aleva Stores is keeping itself in the game by adding CompresSport compression wear to, and

CompresSport has been tried, tested and approved by sports professionals and amateurs and has made itself a leader in the compression market. CompresSport is dedicated to helping athletes boost their performance, delay fatigue, avoid muscle tear and injury and provide quick and optimum recovery.

The CompresSport technical weave is designed for a more effective venous return from the feet to the heart as you exercise. After exercise, CompresSport fiber will continue to apply its actions of venous return acceleration and elimination of toxins produced during effort and support to the muscle. CompresSport makes sure your recovery is quicker and return to exercise is made easier and quicker.

The addition of CompresSport is an exciting one for Aleva Stores as they continue to strive to make the most optimal compression site around. By bringing in CompresSport, a more ample inventory of the best compression wear on the market is available via

Aleva Stores Further Expands; Adds Dr. Comfort

With the recent launch of, Aleva Stores begins its quest to build inventory by adding Dr. Comfort socks.

Founded in 2002, Dr. Comfort has become the worldwide leading provider of diabetic footwear. Dr. Comfort recognizes the need for style, comfort and quality in the therapeutic shoe industry, which has allowed them to become the worldwide leader.

Dr. Comfort isn’t just a name – You’ll find the finest quality comfort socks around with Dr. Comfort. All styles of Dr. Comfort socks are designed and manufactured with your foot health in mind. Those with diabetes, arthritis, edema, neuropathy and circulation issues can find solace with Dr. Comfort.

Dr. Comfort socks use Nano Bamboo Charcoal Fibers which release Far Infrared Rays that may promote blood circulation and anion production, which has health benefits. It’s the best sustainable and chemical-free way to watch over your feet.

With aims to make the go-to place for all things diabetic socks, the addition of Dr. Comfort makes for the perfect partnership.

Patagonia Socks Now Available at

Now offered at are Patagonia socks. The addition of Patagonia will help round out the hiking and running socks options available in the sock Mecca known as

Patagonia grew out of a small company that made tools for climbers and now makes clothing and socks for climbing, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, fly fishing, paddling and trail running. All these sports are silent sports and the reward comes in the form of connection between the athlete and nature.

Patagonia is always on the search for more environmentally friendly fabrics. In some Patagonia products, hemp and recycled polyester is used. By bringing in Patagonia, is not only adding stellar products, but environmentally friendly products for the sports that connect you with nature.

Aleva Stores Launches

Aleva Stores continues to expand its business by launching The addition of brings the total e-commerce sites run by Aleva Stores to 10.

With the new site, Aleva Stores aims to provide the best diabetic sock-focused website around. Aleva Stores understands that diabetic socks can’t just be lumped in with other socks.

“Like compression socks, diabetic sock brands also have very unique qualities that only trained fitters can fully understand,” said Aleva Stores President, Derek Gaskins. “We’ve equipped our compression fitters with the knowledge to properly assist our customers in selecting the sock best suited for their needs.”

Aleva Stores will translate their compression stocking knowledge to the diabetic sock world to provide an unparalleled shopping experience.

The shopping experience customers can expect is the Aleva Advantage. For example, will have a Low Price Guarantee – if customers find a product they want cheaper elsewhere, Aleva Stores will beat it by 10%. Customers will also have a 180-day return policy and free standard shipping.

The launch of further expands Aleva Stores as an e-commerce sock juggernaut.

Aleva Stores Launches is the latest website to be launched by Aleva Stores. Forged with the endurance athlete in mind, provides easy navigation for compression socks, shirts, sleeves, tights and more.

Creating was an easy decision for the Aleva Stores team. “We are excited to be bringing our knowledge of medical compression to the athletic world with the launch of,” said Aleva Stores President, Derek Gaskins. “This knowledge combined with the power of Aleva Stores will provide consumers with the ultimate athletic compression buying experience.”

Those new and old to compression can surf through with ease by shopping by style, season, color, features and more. In-depth product descriptions and Aleva Stores’ exceptional customer service will make sure customers get exactly what they need.

Compression is a growing trend in athletics and is designed with that mind. “Compression is the new buzz word in the endurance athletic world. However, many manufacturers aren’t doing it right,” said Gaskins. “We’ve partnered only with those who truly understand athletic compression. Our trained fitters will work with athletes to choose the RIGHT compression product ensuring optimum performance.” is sure to be the go-to source for all things athletic compression for endurance athletes. The combination of premier products, exceptional customer service and the easiest navigation will have consumers coming back.

Sugoi Becomes the Latest Brand Added To Aleva Stores

Aleva Stores is always on the lookout for premier brands to add to their many websites and the latest addition is Sugoi. 

Sugoi is Japanese for “incredible” – so you know what to expect when you delve into Sugoi products. Founded in 1987 by David Hollands and Carol Prantner, Sugoi got its start as a basement operation and its goal was to address the short supply of genuine technical cycling apparel. Very quickly, Sugoi earned a cult following among athletes seeking the best performing, best-looking apparel available.

Over twenty years later, Sugoi has cemented itself as an international company that offers hundreds of technical garments and accessories, including layering pieces, jackets, shorts, socks and hats.

Aleva Stores further continues its compression apparel roll out with this newest addition. Bringing in Sugoi allows Aleva Stores to add yet another brand to and, along with further rounding out the inventory available on the soon-to-launch

Sugoi is an exceptional brand and Aleva Stores is excited about the addition to its inventory.

Aleva Stores Adds Under Armour to its Inventory

The latest move by Aleva Stores is the addition of Under Armour to its online stores. Not only will the addition further boost the sock selection found on and, but athletic apparel as well.

Founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank, Under Armour is an originator of performance apparel. Under Armour engineers gear to keep athletes cool and dry throughout the course of a game, practice or workout.

Technology behind Under Armour's very diverse product offerings may be complex, but reaping the benefits is simple: wear HeatGear when it’s hot, ColdGear when it’s cold, and AllSeasonGear between the extremes.

Under Armour’s mission is to make athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation. Much like Aleva Stores, Under Armour cares about the people and wants to make their experiences better through quality and top-notch business.

Aleva Stores is thrilled to be able to add Under Armour to its online stores. The addition is sure to fuel the fire that is the best sock site around,

Aleva Stores Adds Tiger Tail to its Inventory

The latest addition to Aleva Stores, Tiger Tail, got its start in the garage of its creator, Spring Faussett.

As a long time soccer player, Faussett often dealt with nagging injuries and sore muscles. Foam rollers and rolling pins never seemed to work for her; one day she wondered what would happen if she crossed a rolling pin and foam roller together. By using some parts ordered online, Tiger Tail was created.

Tiger Tail massage rollers are easy to use and help relieve muscle knots, aches, cramping, spasms and stiffness. Turn sore muscles into happy muscles with Tiger Trail.

The Tiger Tail massage roller can be found on both and

Aleva Stores Brings Halo Headwear to

Chalk up another non-sock addition to Aleva Stores is proud to bring to Halo Headwear to both and

The addition of Halo Headwear adds more depth to the headwear options provided at 

Halo got its start in Southern California, where stinging, burning eyes from salty swear constantly dripping is a common problem for athletes. After two years of testing ideas and various prototypes, the solution was made – a water-tight seal on the inside of the headband. The seal actually channels the sweat to the sides, out of your face, even if it becomes saturated.’s always-growing inventory is full of versatile products to help you do the things you love. By adding a selection of Halo products, this further proves that.

Petzl Now Available At

The latest addition Aleva Stores is making to is sure to rev explorers and hikers up with excitment - Various products from Petzl are now available at

For 30 years now, Petzl has been designing and distributing solutions that aid in commitment and progression on vertical and/or dark terrain with optimal efficiency, freedom and safety.

With expertise in mountaineering, trail running, climbing, caving and many other things, Petzl offers headlamps to light your way through the darkest and toughest terrains.

When it comes to lighting, Petzl invented the concept of the “entirely on the head” headlamp, which allows you hands-free progression in dark terrain. Petzl headlamps can be used by the mountaineer or hiker setting out at night or by the rescue professional who works at night. They are also extremely useful in activities such as camping, sailing, fishing and many others – when you need that extra light.

By bringing in Petzl Headlamps, Aleva Stores further commits itself to not only providing you socks on, but other products that provide you with the things you need during your activity of choice.

Aleva Stores Brings GeoPalz to

The newest addition to Aleva Stores’ inventory is a great motivator to get our youth off the couch and outside. GeoPalz presents a way to get the kids away from the television and get motivated to get active. GeoPalz converts your kids' activity into points for a chance to redeem free stuff.

GeoPalz uses 2-D pedometers that track the user's steps throughout the day. The steps are then logged onto the GeoPalz website using a username and password. Each week, GeoPalz sends an email to the parent with their child's progress. A graph will be included to show how they are doing and if they are taking more or less steps on average. The emails will also contain "Did You Know?" data that you can use when talking with your child about the week's progress.

So what free things can your child win? Activity based and educational products like baseball equipment, frisbees, soccer balls and more. They can also collect certificates to display their achievements.

The GeoPalz pedometers also come in a variety of different designs such as a ladybug, peace sign, soccer ball and many others.

Get the kids off the couch and make being active fun and rewarding with GeoPalz – Now available at &

Icebreaker Socks Now Available at

The latest member to the family is Icebreaker. The addition of Icebreaker further adds more running, hiking and skiing options to the large inventory found at

Icebreaker got its start in 1994 when Jeremy Moon was introduced to a Merino sheep farmer, Brian Brackenridge. Brackenridge showed Moon a prototype of a thermal t-shirt made from 100% Merino wool. Moon enjoyed it so much he wanted to sell them and soon began a laying out a business plan.

For Icebreaker, it’s all about functionality – better temperature regulation, mobility, sweat management and fit. Their roots are in nature and their designers constantly use New Zealand’s wild landscape as a source of inspiration.

Aleva Stores is full of glee to bring Icebreaker to the best sock site on the web,

Aleva Stores Adds Thorlos to its Inventory

One of the most popular sock brands around, Thorlos, can now be found on Aleva Stores websites such as &

The full line of Thorlos socks is the latest addition to the always growing inventory at Aleva Stores. By bringing in Thorlos, more running, hiking, winter, basketball, dress and plenty of other socks will be at the disposal of visiting consumers.

Thorlos have grown wildly popular and known for their fat pad protection. Thorlos socks protect fat pads from shearing forces by transferring these forces from fat pads to the cushion fabric, where fat pad degradation has already occurred. Thorlos’ engineered fabric helps replace the function of the natural pads. Put Thorlos on your feet and you’ll find yourself having a more natural environment inside your shoe.

The addition of socks for the 30-plus activities Thorlos has to offer is just another reason is the go-to spot for all things socks.

Buff Headwear Is Latest Addition to

In a move to expand beyond just socks, Aleva Stores is adding Buff Headwear to

Buff’s inception came when Juan Rojas, a textile manufacturer, realized he needed extra protection from the elements when riding his motorcycle. Rojas worked on drawings and designs in his family’s textile factory until he found a way of manufacturing a seamless, tubular garment out of microfiber.

The 12-ways-to-wear headwear are perfect for running, hunting, biking, winter sports and many other activities. You can wear them as a headband, bandana, balaclava, face mask and much more.

With the addition of Buff to, consumers can now purchase things to protect both their head and feet during the activities they love. 

The expansion of product selection at won’t just stop at Buff; The company looks forward to expanding even further in the near future.

Aleva Stores Introduces Heat Factory to

Just in time for winter, Aleva Stores is adding select products from Heat Factory to

Since 1980, Heat Factory has led the industry with product designs and development. They specialize in providing warmth when and where you need it most. With consistent product quality, it’s hard to deviate from Heat Factory when it comes time to stay warm in the winter.

Products being introduced to include the Acrylic & Merino Wool Pocket Socks, the Balaclava and of course, foot and toe warmers.

With Heat Factory, winter will be a little more bearable and help you get through wintertime activities such as shoveling snow, hiking, hunting, snowmobiling or watching your favorite football team. Heat Factory wants you to never be cold again. looks to offer only the best of the best, and when it comes to staying warm during the coldest of times, Heat Factory gets the job done.

With now over 25 brands, provides an elaborate selection of inventory along with stellar customer service, free shipping and low prices. is excited about the addition of Heat Factory and is looking forward to add even more brands in the near future.

Aleva Stores Adds Beiersdorf Products to

The latest move by Aleva Stores is the addition of Beiersdorf skin care products to Within Beiersdorf you’ll find two of the world’s most successful skin care brands: Nivea and Eucerin

With the addition of products from Nivea and Eucerin, consumers can now indulge in high quality soaps, lotions, moisturizers, crèmes, shaving gel and more.

Aleva Stores’ commitment to providing a well-rounded store in Having healthy legs doesn’t stop at medical stockings – now consumers can also purchase some of the world’s most successful skin care products.

When you’re in need of top-notch skin care products and want the lowest prices with free shipping, consider Beiersdorf and

Products from Trion:Z Added To &

Aleva Stores is at it again, this time adding Trion:Z to its inventory. Trion:Z manufactures products with award-winning magnetic and negative ionic technology. With firm dedication to developing the finest products for the sports and fitness market, Trion:Z operates itself believing in the importance of a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

By using their Alternating North-South Ploarity Orientation (ANSPO) system - which is comprised of 1,000 Gauss axially magnetized magnets to maximize magnetic field flow - customers, retailers and professional athletes find themselves with some of the most advanced negative ionic-magnetic products around.

Trion:Z also stresses the importance of providing creative, stylish and durable products that athletes of all breeds can enjoy. With Trion:Z wristbands and necklaces, you can help relieve stress, boost energy, increase focus and improve circulation. At the core of Trion:Z is a dedication to linking the scientific properties of magnets and negative ions with pioneering style and design.

Join the magnetic movement by browsing through Trion:Z products available at and

Aleva Stores Adds VitalSox To &

With much delight, Aleva Stores is adding VitalSox to its online stores, and Aleva Stores sees the addition of VitalSox as a vital move to continue providing consumers with the best one-stop sock shopping online store.

VitalSox’s mission is to develop the right sock to get the full benefits of exercising. With that in mind, they adhere to their Feetness concept: A sock, a simple but a technologically innovative item, helps your feet work better and stay fit, allowing your heart and the rest of our body to benefit, creating a general well-being.

Prevent blisters, improve circulation, reduce swelling and enhance your performance with VitalSox – a sock that fits the anatomy of your feet perfectly. VitalSox contour to your feet like it’s a second skin. Vitalsox helps you achieve a fundamental objective, starting from “feetness" to bring you to "wellness"

VitalSox joins the already 20-plus brands found on and proves to be a stellar option for athletes of all sorts, from the weekend warrior to the tri-athlete.

Aleva Stores, which was recently added to multiple 2011 Fastest-Growing Businesses Lists, shows no signs of slowing down as they continue to bring in new brands. Despite being launched just this year, has already surpassed the 20 brand mark, showing how serious Aleva Stores is about offering the best sock site possible for consumers everywhere.

Browse the multiple styles, cuts and colors VitalSox offers now at or

Aleva Stores Finds Itself on INC's 500|5000 List

INC Magazine recently released its 500|5000 list for 2011, where Aleva Stores ranked 1821st overall.

The list represents the most comprehensive look at the most important segment of the economy – America’s independent entrepreneurs.

INC Magazine is the only major business magazine dedicated exclusively to owners and managers of growing private companies that delivers real solutions for today’s innovative company builders.

Aleva Stores’ 144% 3-year growth rate was good enough to get Aleva Stores in the top half of the list. They also ranked 84th overall in the Retail category and 20th overall for the Metro-Detroit region.

This news comes shortly after Aleva Stores learned they made the Internet Retailer Second 500 List – which ranks the fastest growing up-and-coming e-tailers. Aleva Stores found themselves at 601st overall, just outside the top 500. They also ranked 7th overall in the Health/Beauty category.

2011 has erupted into a huge year for the online retailer with these two accolades, moving warehouses and the launch of multiple online stores.

For more information on the INC 500|5000 List, visit

Aleva Stores Introduces CEP RX Braces to

With their socks getting more popular by the day, CEP takes the next step by introducing braces and supports to their catalog. Since Aleva Stores carries CEP compression socks on a few of their other sites, these new products allow them to bring CEP’s quality products to

Added to is the CEP RXOrtho line featuring knee braces, ankle supports and Achilles braces.

Present in these new products from CEP is their ADDITUS+ system, which combines compression and functionality. With the ADDITUS+ system, CEP products offer the best combination of compression and specific functions for every sport type. Therefore, the products provide maximum impact and maximum comfort - no matter what sort of exercise

With the help of CEP, you’ll be able to recover quicker from ankle, knee or Achilles problems. Don’t let minor tweaks and pains prevent you from hitting your athletic goals.

Aleva Stores is excited to add these new CEP products to their inventory and further build out as the better brace place.

Aleva Stores Named to Internet Retailer's Second 500 List

Aleva Stores recently learned they were named to Internet Retailer’s Second 500 list.

Internet Retailer is a monthly national business magazine that is at the core of the leading retail information web site, an e-commerce conference and five directories that serve the retailing community.

Internet Retailer's definitive ranking and analysis of America's 500 up-and-coming e-retailers is based on annual 2010 Internet sales, researched by Internet Retailer and confirmed by retailers. This report includes company financial, operational and performance data, as well as vendors in key categories.

Aleva Stores ranked on the list at 601, finishing just outside the top 500. Even more impressively, they ranked seventh overall in the Health/Beauty category.

The news of their inclusion arrived just after their big warehouse move. The growth and excitement just continues to build for Aleva Stores as they make strides to always improve and become the best online retailer possible.

Aleva Stores Moves To Bigger Warehouse

Exponential growth led Aleva Stores, which operates, to move to a bigger warehouse to accommodate their entire inventory. Previously operating out of a 14,000 square foot building, they have now moved to a 34,280 square foot building in Rochester Hills, Mich.

Before the warehouse switch was in effect, 2011 was already shaping up to be a huge year for Aleva Stores. In the beginning of the year, they bought out, which led to bringing in braces and supports for ankles, elbows, knees and much more.

Since then they have launched and Before the launch of these two sites, Aleva Stores’ focus was medical compression stockings. The new sites make Aleva Stores involved in athletic, casual and dress socks.

The addition of the three online stores brought the total online retail sites Aleva Stores operates to nine. The larger warehouse will allow better organizing and storing of inventory for each online retail site.

The move for Aleva Stores is just another accomplishment to add to their 2011 resume and there are no plans of slowing down.

Aleva Stores Expands Inventory; Adds 2XU Compression

Proper apparel for athletes doesn’t just stop at socks – So as Aleva Stores builds upon its budding inventory, they are making a point of adding some of the best compression wear around.

New to the Aleva Stores inventory this go-around is 2XU Compression. Founded in Melbourne, Australia, 2XU looks to advance human performance – legally – with their product. By employing fabric and construction technology, you’ll find with 2XU you’ll have the ability to go beyond what you thought was possible.

The designs of all the products are made with the idea of making you feel more prepared and more capable than your opponent. 2XU Compression offers the most optimal equilibrium of power, weight, and flexibility.

2XU also boasts numerous product and sponsorship associations with world class athletes, brands and special events across numerous sporting disciplines.

Under 2XU Compression you’ll find everything from socks, sleeves, shorts, tights, tops, and much more.

With the addition of 2XU Compression to Aleva Stores, it better rounds out the available product on,, and the soon-to-launch

Aleva Stores Adds Darn Tough To

The inventory expansion continues for Aleva Stores as they bring in products from Darn Tough.

Darn Tough is based out of Vermont and was started over thirty years ago with one idea in mind: The creation of socks that are tough enough to survive frigid winters and humid summers in one of the most unforgiving climates in the lower 48.

Whether you’re hiking, skiing, climbing, running or biking, Darn Tough socks will keep your feet oblivious to the elements.

All of Darn Tough’s socks are crafted with the same high quality raw material and high density knitting techniques. They contain custom counts of Merino wool and an exclusive blend of Coolmax which makes their socks incredibly strong and comfortable.

The addition of Darn Tough is sure to make’s sock selection darn good. is constantly thriving to become the most versatile sock website around, and the addition of Darn Tough certainly helps with that.

Aleva Stores Launches

With great excitement, Aleva Stores announces the launch of their latest website,

Aleva Stores first took the step to becoming the go-to source for socks by launching – a site designed to sell socks for a wide range of activities. With, Aleva Stores has designed a site to suit the sock needs for runners everywhere. contains the most optimal sock navigation for runners. Visitors to the site will be able to find their sock soul mate by browsing by brand, cut, fabric, and more.

Carrying over to the new site will be Aleva Stores’ excellent customer service. For those with questions about a sock or need assistance picking out the right one, you’ll be able to directly chat with a customer service representative on the site. is certainly the ideal destination for those looking to find the best socks with the best prices and free shipping.

Now runners will be able to browse all the best socks in one place specifically designed for them.

You can also follow on Twitter and like it on Facebook.

Aleva Stores Now Carrying Selected Products from Adventure Medical Kits

In a move to certainly expand upon the versatility of the newly launched Aleva Stores website,, selected products from Adventure Medical Kits are added to inventory.

This addition will bring Adventure Medical Kits’ foot care products and first aid kits to the Sometimes it takes extra care to properly care for your feet – that’s why is also filling its inventory with more than just socks.

You’ll find products from Adventure Medical Kits as a great addition to your packs on all different kinds of adventures.

Adventure Medical Kits dedicates itself to constantly bring you the most innovative products to keep you safe outdoors. They rely on the expertise of world authorities in wilderness medicine and survival techniques to develop and refine their products year after year.

Next time you’re stocking up on socks for your upcoming adventure, be sure to check out some of the offerings from Adventure Medical Kits to help keep you safe as well.

A few of the products already available on include: S.O.L Emergency Bivvy, Watertight First Aid Kits, QuikClot Sport, and Blister Medic. More products will be added as well.

Aleva Stores Introduces Feetures! To Its Inventory

The family-owned and operated company, Feetures!, is the most recent addition to Aleva Stores’ inventory.

Hugh Gaither founded Feetures! in 2002 after 25-plus years in manufacturing for another leading athletic sock brand. He did so under his belief of there being a better way to create a performance sock using the latest sock technology. 

Feetures! recognizes athletes of today need a sock that is specifically designed to help maximize their performance. Power bands of Lycra are strategically placed on the socks so it contours to the individual shape of each person’s foot.

PerfectToe is another valuable feature in Feetures! socks. With PerfectToe, Feetures’ trademark toe seam, the inside and outside of the sock is completely smooth – eliminating the irritation and discomfort caused by traditional toe seams.

Feetures! also provides some of the best wicking fibers around. They use a variety of technical fibers to create a comfortable and moisture-free environment for your feet. The fibers work to move moisture away from your skin quicker and accelerate the evaporation process – resulting in cool, dry, and odor-free feet.

The addition of Feetures! surely strengthens Aleva Stores’ inventory. Since Feetures! shares similar visions and promises as Aleva Stores, it was an easy call to bring them on board. 

The appeal continues to expand at Aleva Stores’ – the best sock site around.


Fox River Product Line Added To Aleva Stores

Aleva Stores continues to flourish as the Fox River product line is added to the four-plus million dollar inventory.

Fox River was founded on the standard of offering a superior product with great service at a fair price. Originally founded in 1900, Fox River has grown into one of the leading outdoor, athletic, and lifestyle manufacturers in the world.

Fox River socks have a patented Wick Dry® Health System™. It is designed to help keep feet dry and comfortable, no matter what the temperature. The Wick Dry Health System combines an inner layer of moisture-repelling yarn with an outer layer of moisture-attracting yarn to wick moisture away from feet.

With Fox River using a combination of natural and synthetic fibers to help keep your feet dry and comfortable, it’ll create an environment that promotes healthier feet.

Fox River is also the manufacturer of the Original Rockford Red Heel monkey sock.

Aleva Stores is thrilled about the addition of Fox River and is even more confident now that they offer the best possible selection of socks online. To browse Fox River socks and many other brands, visit

Aleva Stores Adds FITS Socks Co. To Its Inventory

The latest additions to Aleva Stores’ ever-growing inventory are socks manufactured by FITs Socks Co.

Started in 1902 as Crescent Socks Co., the family-owned FITs Socks Co. continues to operate out of the oldest hosiery mill in the United States. At one time, Crescent was manufacturing over 30 brands before deciding to market their own high-quality products as FITs. The reason for it was to respond to what they called “an industry-wide epidemic of ill-fitting socks.”

FITs socks are designed to be the best-fitting outdoor performance socks on the market. Each sock delivers added benefits that are uncommon in most other socks. All the socks are constructed from two-ply, compact-spun, ultra-fine Merino Wool – providing the ultimate blend of softness and durability.

Once the Aleva Stores team tried on FITs Socks, they knew it had to be added to inventory. Visit to purchase FITs Socks.

Aleva Stores Adds Swede-O Products to

Inventory for Aleva Stores’ braces and supports store, DocOrtho, continues to grow as Swede-O products are the latest addition to the online store.

Swede-O is recognized as a worldwide leader in providing innovative products designed to prevent or rehabilitate ankle-related injuries. They have also expanded their product offerings to include orthopedic supports for almost every part of your body.

What’s remarkable is Swede-O was founded out of a garage in 1981. The company’s founder, Marvin Nelson, started out with just one product – the Ankle Lok. The Ankle Lok is the most popular lace-up style ankle brace in North America.

As Swede-O grew, they realized not everyone’s ankle and/or injury is the same, so 12 different styles of ankle braces were developed to suit almost any situation.

The addition of Swede-O was an easy decision as Aleva Stores continues to bulk up and build it to be the most optimal destination to purchase braces and supports.

The acquisition of was an important one for Aleva Stores, just as adding Swede-O to its inventory is. The four-plus million dollar inventory for Aleva Stores only continues to grow, as we provide a fresh idea on shopping for our consumers

Aleva Stores Adds Dahlgren Socks To Its Online Stores

Refusing to slow down, Aleva Stores adds Dahlgren socks to its online stores. Dahlgren began in 1978 and was founded by Ray and Diane Dahlgren. Together, they went on to develop a sock that keeps the feet cool and dry during high-performance activities.

As time went on, Dahlgren continued to evolve in how they made their socks, but their commitment to quality remained the same. Dahlgren also promises to ensure all production on the Dahlgren line remains in the United States.

Dahlgren is known for its effective Dri-Stride Technology. Simply put, it absorbs moisture, transfers it, and then evaporates the moisture. With its patented Wicking Rings and Wicking Channels in the Transfer Zone, the rate and quantity of moisture removal is increased by 40 percent from the Absorption Zone in the toe and heel.

Dahlgren combines superfine alpaca and merino wool in order to provide all-day resilience. This way, your foot will remain cushioned throughout the entire day. Alpaca is three times more durable than worsted wool and 10 times more insulative.

Every style of a Dahlgren sock is engineered for optimal fit, performance and comfort. When it comes to design, function, and technology, Dahlgren is a go-to choice for a sock that works for you.

Dahlgren socks are available in three series – Casual Series, Outdoor Series, and Winter Series. The Casual Series is full of socks that can be worn everyday; the Outdoor Series contains socks you can wear wherever an adventure takes you; and the Winter Series is full of socks to keep you warm while you’re out in the cold.

The Dahlgren line can be found on the latest site launched by Aleva Stores,


Aleva Stores Launches

Aleva Stores is taking the next step to becoming the go-to source for all things socks by launching its new online store,

With this new launch, Aleva Stores is making the jump from compression hosiery to performance and casual socks.

“With our expertise in compression socks, transitioning to the performance and leisure sock category was, pun intended, a great fit for us,” said Aleva Stores President Derek Gaskins.

“I'm very excited about the launch of and upcoming launches of several other sock-related websites. We truly look forward to becoming the go-to source for those seeking quality socks, regardless of activity - athletes, weekend warriors and couch surfers welcome.”

With this new site, consumers will be able to shop by brand, activity, cut, fabric content, and much more. contains easy navigation for consumers to find the perfect sock.

Along with being very consumer-friendly, will also contain Aleva Stores’ excellent customer service team; who are available for live chats while the consumer shops. The new site will also have free shipping and a 180-day return policy.

Along with the launch of the new site, Twitter and Facebook accounts have been launched. By liking us on Facebook, consumers will be able to receive a $10 coupon code to use to nab a free pair of socks or use as a discount toward a larger purchase.

Aleva Stores is proud of the new launch and will continue its excellence toward serving every kind of consumer.

It's American Heart Month!

February is an important month for our hearts. Not only do we celebrate Valentine’s Day with the ones we love, but it is also American Heart Month. Since 1963, Congress has required the president to proclaim February “American Heart Month.” This is for good reason too, as cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the United States. To honor American Heart Month, consider getting your blood pressure and cholesterol checked.

ForYourLegs Now Carrying Bridgedale and Spenco Products!

Have you seen the recent brands added to the catalog? That's right, We're now carrying Bridgedale and Spenco products! Bridgedale socks are made of wool and provide great comfort for everything from long-distance running to sitting at your desk in your workplace, while Spenco produces high-quality insoles for a wide range use. Check them out, today!

Sigvaris Jewel

Have you seen the new Sigvaris Jewel women's knee high support stockings? This 15-20 mmHg knee high stocking features a fun, fashionable diamond pattern paired with a comfortable and fashionable top band. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out the Sigvaris Jewel today!

Sigvaris EverSheer

Be sure to check out the all new Sigvaris 780 EverSheer Series. This exciting line of 20-30mmHg women's stockings features the sheerest material in its class. Independent studies have shown the Sigvaris EverSheer to be sheerer than both the Jobst UltraSheer and the Mediven Sheer & Soft. Try it today!

Aleva is here!

We are excited to announce the addition of the Aleva-USA line of support hose, support socks and compression stockings. Aleva-USA provides high quality graduated compression hosiery at a fraction of the price of the other brands. Aleva uses high end manufacturing processes to ensure their garments are of the highest quality. Try Aleva today. You won't be disappointed.

Therafirm & Futuro

We are pleased to announce that we are now carrying the Therafirm & Futuro lines of compression stockings. Therafirm is a leading manufacturer of quality compression garments and are a fraction of the price of the other guys. Start saving today. Futuro is the #1 pharmacist recommended brand of compression stockings. See why the pharmacists prefer Futuro and try them today.

Jobst Price Increase Nov. 17th!

Jobst announced this past week that they will be implementing a new pricing policy. This policy will force us to increase all Jobst prices by upwards of 50%. To counter, we will be offering the lowest prices on Jobst support hose and compression stockings we've offered all year. This is your chance to stock up on your Jobst stockings before the November 17th price increase. Shop now. Before it's too late.

08-25-2008 is here!

We have officially launched! This exciting new site features value priced compression stockings from Therafirm, Activa & Futuro. Start saving with today!

AlevaHealth Update & several other sites are still in the works. We plan to launch these new and exciting sites next month so stay tuned. - A FRESH idea on health.

04-18-2008 Coming Soon

Coming next month, will be the parent site to ForYourLegs. This new site will become the catalyst for several other upcoming projects. Watch for another 1-3 sites by this coming fall. Each site will focus on a unique line of healthcare products. Our mission will be to identify and bring products to your attention that may have gone otherwise unnoticed. A FRESH IDEA ON HEALTH!

Inventory Increase

We have increased our inventory as we continue to make efforts to boost our order fulfillment speeds. We now carry over 13,000 pair of compression stockings at any given point in time. What does this mean for you? That means we have increased our fulfillment speed and are now filling nearly 99% of orders within 1 business day. We hope to have that up over 99% by year's end.

Updated System & Inventory

Great news! We have updated our order status system. You can now check the status of your order in real time with just your order# and zip code. Simply click on the order status link at the top of this page. Stay tuned for more exciting new features in the coming months. Thanks to everyone for our most successful year ever. We are looking forward to saying the same for 2008!

Site Redesign Complete

Well, it's official. The redesign of our website is complete. We are very excited to offer several new search tools as well as more detailed images and much more informative product listings. Please take a look around and let us know what you think. Thank you for choosing Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Site Redesign Nearly Complete

As you can see, the redesign of our site has been completed. We are ecstatic with the new design. Over the next month, we will continue to add more detailed images and colors as well as the fabric content to each product listing offering our customers the most insight on Jobst, Sigvaris, Mediven and Juzo products available anywhere. Stay tuned as we have several more exciting updates coming soon...

Site Redesign Update

As some of you may have noticed, our website is undergoing a face lift. Please be patient over the next few days as we continue to implement this exciting new design and all new shopping cart. The results will be a much better shopping experience for everyone including yourself.

Site Redesign

Coming soon... we have contracted a very talented web developer to work with us on a partial redesign of our website. Thanks to the insight of our wonderful customers, we have been able to identify areas needing improvement. We will be working over the next month on the redesign and will slowly implement the changes throughout the month. We are very excited for the end result and will be sure to share it with all of our devoted customers upon its completion. Many thanks to the continued support of our valued patrons. It's so great to see the same names placing orders time and time again. We couldn't have become the fastest growing online retailer in both 2006 & 2007 without your support. THANKS!

Low price guarantee

As most of you know, we offer a low price guarantee on our products. We recently improved this policy. If you find a lower advertised price, we will beat it by 5%. We are so confident that we have the lowest prices that we will allow you to shop our price around for up to 30 days AFTER you place your order. If you find a lower price within those 30 days, we will refund the difference plus 5% to your credit card. This policy is the only of its kind. We take great pride in the fact that our prices are always the lowest. We want our customers to know that they will always get the best price and service here and that there really is no need to shop around. Have a great day and thank you for choosing!

New Products

Be sure to visit our New Products!!! section to view several new and exciting products we have to offer. There are now numerous open toe options by Mediven. The Mediven Elegance 20-30mmHg and 30-40mmHg stockings are now available in open toe in knee, thigh and pantyhose styles. That's right... there is finally a "fashionable" medical grade compression pantyhose in open toe. Also... ATTENTION: MEN! We are pleased to announce the arrival of the Mediven Patriot men's compression knee highs in 20-30mmHg and 30-40mmHg. All the same great features as the Mediven Active at a fraction of the price. Try them today and start saving!

Site Redesign at!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we just redesigned our product listings and reorganized our discounts at There is now a tiered discount for each item depending on how many pairs you purchase.

Also, all sizing charts now "pop-up" when you click on the link for sizing assistance. This has eliminated the need to navigate all over the site just to determine the right size!

While we are constantly looking for ways to improve our site and make it easier for our customers to use, we are always open to suggestions. If there is something you would like to see on the site that isn't there already, please let us know.

Thank you for your patronage to and please visit us soon!

Thank you for visiting...

Welcome to Thank you for visiting our website. As a division of American Medical Services in Pontiac, Michigan, we have nearly 50 years of experience and are always ready and willing to share our knowledge with our customers. If you are new to wearing support stockings or simply have questions regarding gradient compression therapy and need assistance, don't hesitate to call us toll-free at 877-846-4600. Please browse around and enjoy our product offerings. Have a great day!

Happy Holidays and thank you!

Thank you to all our friends for a great 6 months. When we launched in May, we were unsure of the reception we would receive. I'm glad to say it has been great! We have experienced a tremendous rate of growth over the past several months and look forward to continued growth and to the ability to provide everyone with the lowest prices and best service around.

As we continue to grow, we plan to expand our product offerings to include knee and ankle supports; leg fitness equipment; creams; and, footcare aids. We are also excited and looking forward to the launch of a new site in the next few months that will highlight mobility aids. Our goal here is to offer anything and everything related to mobility including canes, walkers, wheelchairs, bathroom safety equipment and much, much more. We have many more ideas crawling around in our heads and will keep everyone posted as we continue to grow and expand our product offerings.

As always, we love your feedback! Please tell us what you think of our current online offerings as well as what you feel we could do to improve our site. We are always open to ideas. We don't view you as customer, but rather our partner in growth. We appreciate and value your patronage to and, as always, look forward to serving your compression therapy needs!

Welcome to our new home!

Welcome to the newly designed! We hope you find our new site as easy-to-use and informational as we believe it is. As always, our goal is to meet our customer's needs... all of them. We feel the new features on this website will benefit you as the customer and us as your provider of compression therapy products. Please e-mail us with any questions and/or concerns regarding the site's new designs. Enjoy!

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