Sigvaris ULCERx Therapy Solution 40-50mmHg Multi-Layer Stockings, per kit
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Sigvaris ULCERx Therapy Solution 40-50mmHg Multi-Layer Stockings, per kit

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Complete Kit   Underliner   The Ulcer Kit   Bandage Study   Sizing Chart

Sigvaris ULCERx Therapy Solution - Proven superior treatment choice for the successful healing of venous ulcers. This multi-layer system is sold in a kit containing 2 stockings and 2 underliners.

Designed to help heal venous ulcers faster than traditional bandaging methods.

When healing a venous leg ulcer, the treatment choice has traditionally been firm, non-elastic bandages. However, a recent study conducted in Italy at the University of Siena and the University of Ferrara has determined a more effective treatment: The SIGVARIS UlceRx Kit.As part of the SIGVARIS Medical Therapy collection, the UlceRx Kit provides a therapeutic solution with a 96.2% healing rate for venous ulcers (versus 70% for bandages). With half the healing time as the bandage alternative for ulcers up to 4cm in diameter and noticeably less pain and discomfort than the traditional solution, the SIGVARIS UlceRx Kit is the ideal answer toyour patients’ needs.

Scientifically proven results:
• Complete wound closure achievement: »» 96.2% (25/26) with UlceRx Kit (p=0.011) as compared to 70% (21 of 30) with bandages
• Ulcers with diameter of up to approximately 4cm healed twice as fast with the UlceRx Kit compared to bandages »» Larger ulcers (>4cm) healed as rapidly with theUlceRx Kit as with bandages
• Reported pain at night/morning was absent with the UlceRx Kit group but reported by 40%/20%, respectively, in the bandage group

UlceRx Benefits:
• Ease of application promotes compliance as compared to bandaging, which requires medical expertise for application
• Successful treatment without compromising wound dressing
• Significantly-reduced pain lets your patient rest comfortably

The ULCERx Kit

Made of 2 components: an underliner and an overstocking providing a combined ankle pressure of 40-50 mmHg.

Underliner features:
• Designed for a round-the-clock wear
• Double-wrapped yarns with cotton touching the skin
• 62% nylon / 26% spandex / 12% cotton
• Easy to don and remove (low-friction material aids in the donning process)
• Skin-friendly with optimal regulation of heat & moisture
• Washable at 40°C
• Ready-to-Wear sizing

Overstocking features:
• Double-covered natural rubber (503 series)
• Unsurpassed pressure stability and consistency
• 70% nylon / 30% natural rubber
• Washable at 40°C
• Ready-to-Wear sizing (no custom sizing), accommodates ankle circumference up to 18” (46cm) and calf circumference up to 27” (68cm)

The following are the corresponding Jobst catalog numbers for ease of cross-referencing:
5U4KS1O77, 5U4KS2O77, 5U4KS3O77, 5U4KS4O77, 5U4KM1O77, 5U4KM2O77, 5U4KM3O77, 5U4KM4O77, 5U4KL1O77, 5U4KL2O77, 5U4KL3O77, 5U4KL4O77, 5U4KX1O77, 5U4KX2O77, 5U4KX3O77, 5U4KX4O77
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