Sigvaris 860 Select Comfort 20-30 mmHg Open Toe Thigh with Waist Attachment - 862W
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I purchased for the first time on 12-28-16 a pair of TRUFORM support stockings due to a ongoing health condition where I retain fluid in my legs. The stockings are comfortable and look just like regular stockings. I am back to purchase more today because I am tired of rinsing the same pair out each evening.
Rita M
(Boston, MA)


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Sigvaris 860 Select Comfort 20-30 mmHg Open Toe Thigh with Waist Attachment - 862W

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Sigvaris Thigh with Waist Attachment   Waist attachment

Sigvaris 860 Select Comfort Series Open Toe 20-30 mmHg unisex thigh high with waist attachment. Sold by each and available in left or right.

Select Comfort Series Features:

* Comfortable elastic waistband holds stocking in place all day long

* Ease of Wear — The Select Comfort Series is designed to be comfortable and very easy to put on and take off, making these socks and stockings an excellent choice for patients who have difficulty with this process.

* Excellence in Design — The 860 Series has very stretchable fabric to fit all body types while maintaining comfort and continuous compression from toe to waist.

* Durable — Constructed of spandex wrapped with a smooth nylon thread, the construction of the 860 Series combines durability with a smooth and opaque, yet cosmetic, appeal while providing excellent medical effectiveness.

 Care Donning
Shipping Support

Available in 1 color:
Fabric Content:
69% Nylon
31% Spandex

Need help determining your size??? Use the sizing wizard below to quickly and accurately locate your appropriate size:

Still not sure about your size???? E-mail our customer service team at [email protected] or call toll-free 877-846-4600. One of our certified fitters will be glad to assist you further.

The following are the corresponding Sigvaris catalog numbers for ease of cross-referencing: 862WS1O66/R, 862WS1O66/L , 862WS2O66/R, 862WS2O66/L , 862WS3O66/R , 862WS3O66/L , 862WS4O66/R , 862WS4O66/L , 862WM1O66/R , 862WM1O66/L , 862WM2O66/R , 862WM2O66/L , 862WM3O66/R , 862WM3O66/L , 862WM4O66/R , 862WM4O66/L , 862WL1O66/L , 862WL1O66/R , 862WL2O66/L , 862WL2O66/R , 862WL3O66/L , 862WL3O66/R , 862WL4O66/L , 862WL4O66/R , 862WSSO66/L , 862WSSO66/R , 862WSLO66/L , 862WSLO66/R , 862WMSO66/L , 862WMSO66/R , 862WMLO66/L , 862WMLO66/R , 862WLSO66/L , 862WLSO66/R , 862WLLO66/L , 862WLLO66/R
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