Sigvaris 780 EverSheer 15-20 mmHg Women's Closed Toe Pantyhose - 781P
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I'm so happy I found your website! It's nice to find a site that delivers what it advertises. I have been using another site to order my stockings and washing solutions. Their website offers free shipping and then adds the shipping costs back when you purchase. Their service is demeaning and cruel. I have marked your site with a short-cut button on my web page so I can find it easily. I will be buying from you. My purchase with you today...
Joy Poinsett
(Fort Wayne, Indiana)


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Sigvaris 780 EverSheer 15-20 mmHg Women's Closed Toe Pantyhose - 781P

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Natural Beige 33   Black 99

Sigvaris 780 EverSheer is the NEW leader in sheer. These 15-20mmhg women's closed toe pantyhose are available in natural, suntan, black, dark navy, mocha and nightshade. Sold per pair.

  • Comfortable, non-restricting waistband
  • The ONLY sheer 15-20mmHg compression hosiery with double-covered spandex - no bare spandex to irritate the skin; easier to apply and remove; and more durable
  • Excellent breathability and moisture management
  • Feels soft on the skin
  • Uses the patented Sigvaris PFS system to ensure a comfortable fit with no binding behind the knee.
 Care Donning
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Available in several popular colors:
Fabric Content:
60% nylon
40% spandex
Latex Free

Need help determining your size??? Use the sizing wizard below to quickly and accurately locate your appropriate size:

Still not sure about your size???? E-mail our customer service team at [email protected] or call toll-free 877-846-4600. One of our certified fitters will be glad to assist you further.

The following are the corresponding Sigvaris catalog numbers for ease of cross-referencing: 781PLLW08, 781PLLW33, 781PLLW36, 781PLLW73, 781PLLW85, 781PLLW94, 781PLLW99, 781PLSW08, 781PLSW33, 781PLSW36, 781PLSW73, 781PLSW85, 781PLSW94, 781PLSW99, 781PMLW08, 781PMLW33, 781PMLW36, 781PMLW73, 781PMLW85, 781PMLW94, 781PMLW99, 781PMSW08, 781PMSW33, 781PMSW36, 781PMSW73, 781PMSW85, 781PMSW94, 781PMSW99, 781PSLW08, 781PSLW33, 781PSLW36, 781PSLW73, 781PSLW85, 781PSLW94, 781PSLW99, 781PSSW08, 781PSSW33, 781PSSW36, 781PSSW73, 781PSSW85, 781PSSW94, 781PSSW994

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