Sigvaris 500 Natural Rubber 30-40 mmHg Open Toe Knee Highs - 503C
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Sigvaris 500 Natural Rubber 30-40 mmHg Open Toe Knee Highs - 503C

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500 Series Knee Highs

Sigvaris 500 Natural Rubber Series Open Toe 30-40mmHg unisex knee highs available in beige only. Sold per pair.


* Remarkable... numerous scientific studies have shown the medical effectiveness of the 500 Natural Rubber Series. The material has a remarkably low 1% to 2% fatigue rate, making the stocking ideal for those with serious indications or long-term therapy.
* Unique — manufactured from double-covered elastodien yarn; a yarn made from soft, natural rubber and offering the greatest degree of elasticity while maintaining sustained compression throughout the day.
* Easy Wear — made from a porous, extremely permeable and highly elastic fabric which makes the stocking easy to pull on and off, even in the higher compression categories.
* Durable —the knitted fabric is double-covered textured yarn, and therefore retains its shape and is extremely durable.
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Available in 1 popular color:
Fabric Content:
70% Nylon
30% Natural Latex Rubber

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The following are the corresponding Sigvaris catalog numbers for ease of cross-referencing: 503CS1O , 503CS2O , 503CS3O , 503CS4O , 503CM1O , 503CM2O , 503CM3O , 503CM4O , 503CL1O , 503CL2O , 503CL3O , 503CL4O , 503CX1O , 503CX2O , 503CX3O , 503CX4O , 503CS1O77 , 503CS2O77 , 503CS3O77 , 503CS4O77 , 503CM1O77 , 503CM2O77 , 503CM3O77 , 503CM4O 77, 503CL1O77 , 503CL2O77 , 503CL3O77 , 503CL4O77 , 503CX1O77 , 503CX2O77 , 503CX3O77 , 503CX4O77 , 503CS10 , 503CS20 , 503CS30 , 503CS40 , 503CM10 , 503CM20 , 503CM30 , 503CM40 , 503CL10 , 503CL20 , 503CL30 , 503CL40 , 503CX10 , 503CX20 , 503CX30 , 503CX40 , 503CS1077 , 503CS2077 , 503CS3077 , 503CS4077 , 503CM1077 , 503CM2077 , 503CM3077 , 503CM4077 , 503CL1077 , 503CL2077 , 503CL3077 , 503CL4077 , 503CX1077 , 503CX2077 , 503CX3077 , 503CX4077
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