Sigvaris 500 Natural Rubber 40-50 mmHg Open Toe Unisex Thigh Highs (No Grip-Top) - 504T
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I first had to wear jobst pantyhose while I was pregnant because of poor circulations. I remember I had to be measured every inch from the bottom of my feet all the way to the top of my thighs, 36 yrs. ago they were made for me. I was able to buy them around here for years until one day browsing the internet "I found you" my God saver". Your prices and service are second to none. I'm on my feet 9 hs. I work at the Port. I have given your inf...
Ana S


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Sigvaris 500 Natural Rubber 40-50 mmHg Open Toe Unisex Thigh Highs (No Grip-Top) - 504T

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No grip-top thigh highs

Sigvaris 500 Natural Rubber Series Open Toe 40-50 mmHg unisex thigh highs with no grip-top in beige only. Sold per pair.


* Remarkable — numerous scientific studies have shown the medical effectiveness of the 500 Natural Rubber Series. The material has a remarkably low 1% to 2% fatigue rate, making the stocking ideal for those with serious indications or long-term therapy.
* Unique — manufactured from double-covered elastodien yarn; a yarn made from soft, natural rubber and offering the greatest degree of elasticity while maintaining sustained compression throughout the day.
* Easy Wear — made from a porous, extremely permeable and highly elastic fabric which makes the stocking easy to pull on and off, even in the higher compression categories.
* Durable —the knitted fabric is double-covered textured yarn, and therefore retains its shape and is extremely durable.
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Available in 1 popular color:
Fabric Content:
70% Nylon
30% Natural Latex Rubber

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The following are the corresponding Sigvaris catalog numbers for ease of cross-referencing: 504TS1O , 504TS2O , 504TS3O , 504TS4O , 504TM1O , 504TM2O , 504TM3O , 504TM4O , 504TL1O , 504TL2O , 504TL3O , 504TL4O , 504TS1O77 , 504TS2O77 , 504TS3O77 , 504TS4O77 , 504TM1O77 , 504TM2O77 , 504TM3O77 , 504TM4O77 , 504TL1O77 , 504TL2O77 , 504TL3O77 , 504TL4O77 , 504TS10 , 504TS20 , 504TS30 , 504TS40 , 504TM10 , 504TM20 , 504TM30 , 504TM40 , 504TL10 , 504TL20 , 504TL30 , 504TL40 , 504TS1077 , 504TS2077 , 504TS3077 , 504TS4077 , 504TM1077 , 504TM2077 , 504TM3077 , 504TM4077 , 504TL1077 , 504TL2077 , 504TL3077 , 504TL4077
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