Sigvaris 360 Cushioned Cotton Series 20-30 mmHg Women's Closed Toe Knee Highs - 362C
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Due to venous ulcers on both feet, I have had to wear support stockings for the last 20 years. Up until now I had insurance which required me to visit a doctor, get a prescription and then wait for up to 2 weeks before I could receive my stockings. Then I lost my job and insurance and couldn't afford the doctor's visit and the $70+ price tag. I was forced to wear my support stockings until they were falling apart and had holes in them. Then ...
Cynthia M.
(Davenport, IA)


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Sigvaris 360 Cushioned Cotton Series 20-30 mmHg Women's Closed Toe Knee Highs - 362C

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Sigvaris Cushioned Cotton Support sock

Sigvaris 360 Cushioned Cotton RX Series 20-30 mmHg closed toe women's athletic style knee highs available in white and black. Sold per pair.

**Soft, comfortable, cushioned sole, toes and heel that protects the feet and helps to absorb impact upon walking and running.**64% Supima Cotton that makes this product ideal for those with sensitive skin and for wearing in all types of temperatures.

 Care Donning
Shipping Support

Available in 2 popular colors:
Fabric Content:
64% Cotton
28% Nylon
8% Spandex

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Still not sure about your size???? E-mail our customer service team at [email protected] or call toll-free 877-846-4600. One of our certified fitters will be glad to assist you further.

The following are the corresponding Sigvaris catalog numbers for ease of cross-referencing: 362CS1W00 , 362CS1W99 , 362CS2W00 , 362CS2W99 , 362CS3W00 , 362CS3W99 , 362CS4W00 , 362CS4W99 , 362CM1W00 , 362CM1W99 , 362CM2W00 , 362CM2W99 , 362CM3W00 , 362CM3W99 , 362CM4W00 , 362CM4W99 , 362CL1W00 , 362CL1W99 , 362CL2W00 , 362CL2W99 , 362CL3W00 , 362CL3W99 , 362CL4W00 , 362CL4W99 , 362CX1W00 , 362CX1W99 , 362CX2W00 , 362CX2W99 , 362CX3W00 , 362CX3W99 , 362CX4W00 , 362CX4W99 , 362CSSW00, 362CSSW99, 362CSLW00, 362CSLW99, 362CMSW00 , 362CMSW99, 362CMLW00, 362CMLW99, 362CLSW00, 362CLSW99, 362CLLW00, 362CLLW99, 362CXSW00, 362CXSW99, 362CSLW00, 362CXLW99
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