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I needed an arm stocking and gauntlet for my first post-surgery airplane trip. The representative -- I think her name was Liz -- was super-helpful. She called me back right away to let me know they were out of stock and would miss my departure time. She then arranged for Juzo to drop ship them overnight directly to me so I would have them for my flight. Thank you so much! John
John R


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Pedi-Quick Step-N-Smooth

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Gently Files Feet While Standing

Safely reduce corns, calluses and rough, dry skin on feet. This long-lasting mat is conveniently designed to rest on the shower floor. A non-skid backing keeps it securely positioned to help prevent slipping. Great for people who cannot bend easily to reach their feet. 1 per package.

The P3030 measures 10 in. by 10 in.

Place product on flat shower floor with title side facing up. Turn on water and allow it to wet the product as well as flow around it. Step on product with both feet. Using one foot at a time, move foot toward yourself to file skin, making sure your repeated strokes are in the same direction. Change feet and repeat process. You may file the heels, sides and balls of feet. To maintain proper balance, only file one foot at a time.

Rinse product thoroughly after each use. Stand product upright against shower wall to allow it to air dry.

Do not use this product if you have diabetes, any circulation disorder, poor eyesight or poor hand-eye coordination. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on foot warts.

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