Pedi-Quick Safety Corn & Callus Trimmer
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I used this for the first time today and it has worked wonderfully. My open toe thigh highs have not moved from their original position all day after shopping and lots of moving around. In fact my legs feel much better, with the compression staying in place and not easing down. Wish I had seen this pop up when I was ordering over the last few years and purchased earlier.
DeAnn H


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Pedi-Quick Safety Corn & Callus Trimmer

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Quickly Reveals More Attractive Feet.

Make this part of your home pedicure routine and safely trim away corns, calluses and dry, hard skin. Our trimmer features a flexible, non-slip handle that provides precise control to help prevent nicks and eliminate worry. Three stainless-steel blades are included with each trimmer.* 1 Trimmer per package.

Directions: Soak area to be treated in warm water. Dry skin thoroughly. Hold product against foot and gently apply light pressure to the affected skin while moving the device carefully and steadily toward you - always in the direction of the handle. Since the build-up of hard skin is your body's natural protection against pressure and friction, you should only remove a small amount of skin during each use.

Care: Periodically, you may want to clean your Trimmer. For safety reasons, we recommend doing this when the product does not have a blade in it, such as before you refill it. To clean, hand wash unit with warm water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly. Press flat in a clean towel to remove excess moisture then air dry completely before reuse.

Warnings: Do not use this product if you have diabetes, any circulation disorder, poor eyesight or poor hand-eye coordination. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on foot warts.
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