Sigvaris 230 Cotton Series 30-40 mmHg Unisex Open Toe Knee Highs - 233C
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Your company is the tops in service. My order for ten pairs of Jobst knee highs arrived in only five days from the date of order. That is amazing as I live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! Plus your website is easy to use. I will inform my doctor and everyone I know who has need of your products of your excellent service and reasonable prices. I had a similar experience to many of your customers' testimonials regarding company in Scap...
(Big Island of Hawai'i)


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Sigvaris 230 Cotton Series 30-40 mmHg Unisex Open Toe Knee Highs - 233C

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Cotton Series Open Toe

Sigvaris 230 Cotton Series 30-40 mmHg open toe unisex knee highs available in crispa only. Sold per pair.

Sigvaris Cotton Series is friendly to your skin — 100% cotton next to the skin combined with soft nylon yarns ensure the highest level of comfort. Comfortable — the combination fabric of the 230 Series absorbs perspiration and prevents heat build-up. The high-stretch knit construction provides a high degree of elasticity, making the stockings easy to put on and remove. Natural — made from the finest cotton, the 230 Series is ideal for wearing in the warmest weather and for people with sensitive skin. Durable — double-covered yarns ensure durability and a long product life, making the cool cotton suitable for everyday and leisure wear.

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Available in 1 color:
Fabric Content:
50% Nylon
25% Spandex
25% Cotton

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The following are the corresponding Sigvaris catalog numbers for ease of cross-referencing: 233CS1O , 233CS2O , 233CS3O , 233CS4O , 233CM1O , 233CM2O , 233CM3O , 233CM4O , 233CL1O , 233CL2O , 233CL3O , 233CL4O , 233CX1O , 233CX2O , 233CX3O , 233CX4O , 233CS1O66 , 233CS2O66 , 233CS3O66 , 233CS4O66 , 233CM1O66 , 233CM2O66 , 233CM3O66 , 233CM4O66 , 233CL1O66 , 233CL2O66 , 233CL3O66 , 233CL4O66 , 233CX1O66 , 233CX2O66 , 233CX3O66 , 233CX4O66 , 233CS10 , 233CS20 , 233CS30 , 233CS40 , 233CM10 , 233CM20 , 233CM30 , 233CM40 , 233CL10 , 233CL20 , 233CL30 , 233CL40 , 233CX10 , 233CX20 , 233CX30 , 233CX40 , 233CS1066 , 233CS2066 , 233CS3066 , 233CS4066 , 233CM1066 , 233CM2066 , 233CM3066 , 233CM4066 , 233CL1066 , 233CL2066 , 233CL3066 , 233CL4066 , 233CX1066 , 233CX2066 , 233CX3066 , 233CX4066, 233CSSO66 , 233CSLO66 , 233CMSO66 , 233CMLO66 , 233CLSO66 , 233CLLO66 , 233CXSO66 , 233CXLO66
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