Sigvaris 120M Sheer Fashion 15-20 mmHg Maternity Pantyhose
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I first had to wear jobst pantyhose while I was pregnant because of poor circulations. I remember I had to be measured every inch from the bottom of my feet all the way to the top of my thighs, 36 yrs. ago they were made for me. I was able to buy them around here for years until one day browsing the internet "I found you" my God saver". Your prices and service are second to none. I'm on my feet 9 hs. I work at the Port. I have given your inf...
Ana S


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Sigvaris 120M Sheer Fashion 15-20 mmHg Maternity Pantyhose

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Natural Beige

Sigvaris Support Therapy Sheer Fashion 15-20 mmHg women's maternity pantyhose available in natural, suntan and black. These are the direct replacements for the 140M Delilah Classic Sheer Maternity PantyhoseThe NEW Sheer Fashion Hosiery have many great features including:
* Incredible sheerness due to a new Jersey knit design
* Updated sizing to better fit today’s women
* Updated fashionable colors offered, including a new Bone color
* Replaces the 140 Delilah line of support hosiery

Fashion and Vitality for your legs!

* Sheer — a fashionable look for therapeutic compression.
* Durable — high quality construction for a long-lasting support sock.
* Bubble toe — Extra space for the toes gives more comfort.
* Calf support panel — expands for a precise fit on most legs.
* Durable — high quality construction for a long-lasting support sock.
* Reinforced heel and toe — longer-lasting design to endure the demands of contemporary footwear.

Recommended for:
**Long distance travel
**Prevention and treatment of mild venous symptoms
**Mild edema
**Slight varicosities
**Heaviness and fatigue in the legs
**Standing or sitting for long hours at work
**Fashionable everyday compression wear

Available in a variety of colors:
Fabric Content:
71% Nylon
29% Spandex

The following are the corresponding Sigvaris catalog numbers for ease of cross-referencing: 120MA33 , 120MB33 , 120MC33 , 120MD33 , 120ME33 , 120MF33 , 120MA36 , 120MB36 , 120MC36 , 120MD36 , 120ME36 , 120MF36 , 120MA99 , 120MB99 , 120MC99 , 120MD99 , 120ME99 , 120MF99

THESE ARE THE OLD DELILAH SKU'S... 140MA00 , 140MB00 , 140MC00 , 140MD00 , 140ME00 , 140MF00 , 140MA05 , 140MB05 , 140MC05 , 140MD05 , 140ME05 , 140MF05 , 140MA10 , 140MB10 , 140MC10 , 140MD10 , 140ME10 , 140MF10 , 140MA12 , 140MB12 , 140MC12 , 140MD12 , 140ME12 , 140MF12 , 140MA29 , 140MB29 , 140MC29 , 140MD29 , 140ME29 , 140MF29 , 140MA33 , 140MB33 , 140MC33 , 140MD33 , 140ME33 , 140MF33 , 140MA36 , 140MB36 , 140MC36 , 140MD36 , 140ME36 , 140MF36 , 140MA72 , 140MB72 , 140MC72 , 140MD72 , 140ME72 , 140MF72 , 140MA99 , 140MB99 , 140MC99 , 140MD99 , 140ME99 , 140MF99
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